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Cylinder Head Milling-Grinding

MG1000 - Auto Feeding CNC Touch Screen

1. This machine is control by CNC touch screen. The operation contact surface, Simple and easy to get started. It can do automatic feed, automatic retraction after complete all program, also have memory processing trajectory.

2. Main spindle speed and feeding rate is stepless speed change. Suitable for different kinds of processing materials. Total piece of eight cutter folder, you can choose freely to improve processing efficiency.

3. The main spindle use NSK P4 level tapered roller bearing and cylindrical roller bearing to ensure that the spindle has good accuracy and rigidity.

4. Spindle sleeve is chrome plated and ground, with a shining and rust-proof surface, and improve the full rigidity of spindle.

5. Transmission parts: Taiwan ABBA Ball screw Accuracy class C7

6. Main spindle is derived by servo motor, to ensure a constant output torque at various speeds, so that the processing is more stable, efficient cutting, the work piece surface much more finish better.

7. This machine use head move structure, Has a small footprint, can be processed large volume of work piece, while the low table position, is conducive to the work piece clamping, etc.

8. High flatness, best bright finish, the milling that replaces normal grinding, and without the cooling box. Operation is faster, more convenient, work environment is more clean.