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Cylinder Head Milling-Grinding



1.    Spindle motor and traverse motor are controlled by Vector frequency converter with easy operation to stepless speed variation

2.    ABB High performance spindle motor, High torque output smoothly without vibration

3.    The top slider guideway is designed with plastic-coated guide rails, providing good vibration absorption, strong wear resistance and high precision.

4.    Spindle sleeve is chrome plated and ground, with a shining and rust-proof surface, and improve the full rigidity of spindle.

5.    Integrated electric control modules, No – spark contacts, with safe and reliability

6.    Separated circuits of water and electric, with safe and reliability, as well as chain sleeve for protection

7.    Regardless of the height of the item to be ground the machine has the same rigidity of the grinding head, always giving you the best and fastest grinding result.

8.    Regardless of the height of the item to be ground the grinding process always takes place below eye height and easily in sight and reach of the operator

9.    The MG-1400 design makes the machine take up 30~35% less space than other surface grinding machines with the same capacity.

10.  The Machine body is Resin sand casting, tensile strength 250N/mm.        Hardness is HB190~240.

11.  Manual scraping guideway

a.    straightness accuracy: 0.0015 mm / 300 mm

b.    surface roughness: Ra.0.8

12.  Manual scraping work table

a.    straightness accuracy: 0.005 mm / 300 mm

b.    flatness: 0.005 mm / 300 mm

c.    surface roughness: Ra. 0.8

13.  Transmission parts: Taiwan ABBA Ball screw  Accuracy class C7

14.  Spindle Bearing: NSK Angular contact bearing  Accuracy class P4