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BM160 Cylinder Boring-Milling Machine


1.    EasyTouch operating system

The left and right movement of the table, the up and down of the spindle, as well as the rotation of the spindle, are all driven by a servo motor, which by combing with the specific SJMC EasyTouch system, achieves the accurate numerical control of three-axis movement on the whole machine.

2.    Small size to output high torque

BM160 is in compact design, with its working area of 1.5 m2 less than those of the similar machines. However, with maximum operating torque of 120N.M, its small size shows powerful processing capability. Due to BM160 spindle driven by 4kW servo motor and equipped with heavy load belt transmission system, the spindle is capable of a constant powerful torque output 120N.M at 200 to 500 RPM, and it can even maintain a constant output 100N.M at the higher speed of 500 to 780 RPM. The high torque output at high speed ensures the high efficiency of BM160.

3.    Precise and powerful spindle system

The deliberately designed spindle system with 3 spindles from small to large, you can hold one of which by one hand easily, plus the more artful quick change structure, contributes to the change of different spindle within 5 min by a person. Although the spindles are all exquisite, their cutting load capacities are strong. The penetration of a cutting tool at one side of MA52 and MA60 spindle can reach 1.5mm, with boring precision £ 0.005 mm.

4.    BM160 milling cutter is equipped with 8 cutters, and the milling feed at one time for facing is 1mm, so that no matter cast iron or aluminum part, the ideal surface roughness can be achieved. With flatness exceeding 0.013mm/300mm, its machining precision achieves the grounding effect and thus it can take the place of grounding with milling.